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WECS-show(UK) July 2012
"Designed with Love of Slatestone for Chantique"
(Dougal) had a fabulous day at the WESC-show(UK)...he was awarded his 3rd CC with "BEST OF BREED" and finally "BEST IN SHOW"... so he got his title "UK CHAMPION"(subject to KC-confirmation)...thank you so much Chantal and Andre...!!...a dream came true...
Club-Show Luxembourg Feb.12
"Samhaven Raise a Glass" (Miley) won junior-class bitches , she got her second title of "Lux.Junior Champion" and to crown this day she got "BEST of BREED"...!
Int.Dog-Show Luxemb.Nov.11
"Samhaven Raise a Glass" (Miley) won junior-class bitches and she got the title "Lux.Junior Champion"...
Her litter sister "Samhaven Salute"(Megan) got 2nd in the same class...
Club-Show Luxembourg Feb.11
"Father's Finest of Slatestone" (Pepsi) won open-class bitches and she got her first Cac ...
Cac-Show Rastede(D) mai10
"Believe in Love of Slatestone" (Lucy) won her 4rth ticket for being "German Champion"...judge was breed-specialist Geoff Duffield...Congratulations and a big thankyou to Iris and Jürgen(Rydeen)...!!
Cac-Show Mölln(D) aug.09
"Believe in Love of Slatestone" (Lucy) won the open class bitches , she went on to be BoB and finally got "Best in Show."..!! judge was breed-specialist Jack Wigglesworth...Congratulations to her owners Iris and Jürgen(Rydeen) for this unbelievable achievement...!
Netherlands Club-Show 09 (KCM)
"Endless Design Golden Shower" (Zooma) won junior-class dogs ... he went on to get BEST OF BREED and ended finally with BEST IN SHOW...over about 160 entrees!! just 11 months old...
Club-Show Luxembourg 09
"Endless Design Golden Shower" (Zooma) won the junior-class at just 9 months old and got the title "Lux Youth Champion"...
Netherlands Club-Show 08 (KCM)
"Crystal Moon of Slatestone" (Alice) had a memorable day at this prestigeous show...she won the open-class bitches , went on to get "Best of Breed" and finally ended with "Best in Show"...!!...and all this under 3 english judges and a record entree of nearly 200 collies...!...THANK-YOU Iris and Jürgen(Rydeen) for making this possible...!
Club-Show Luxembourg 08
"Crystal Moon of Slatestone" (Alice) won 1rst in open-class bitches , she got the Cac and finally "Best of Breed"...!...congratulations to her proud owners Iris and Jürgen(Rydeen)...!
 Intern.Dog-Show Genk 07 (B)
"Brown Sugar of Slatestone" (Sammy) won Cacib/Cac and BoB under P.Skyrme...with this Cacib he fulfills the conditions for being "INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION"...!
My biggest congratulations to his proud owners Iris and Jürgen(Rydeen) for this great achievement...!!
"Europa-Sieger" Show in Dortmund (D) mai 06
"Brown Sugar of Slatestone" (Sammy) won open-class dogs...he was awarded Cacib/Cac and the title of "Europasieger"...!
Many thanks to his owners Iris and Jü was a great day...!!
Netherlands Club-Show 06 (KCM)
"Emryks Designed To Love"(Ritchie) won the open class with 1rst exc...he finally got Best Dog of the day with a double CC...
Intern.Dog-Show Offenburg 06(D)
"Emryks Designed To Love" (Ritchie) was 1rst in open-class dogs and got the CACIB/Cac...
Club-Show Luxembourg 05
"Zolar Power of Slatestone" (Jason) won the open class dogs with Cac and he fulfills the conditions for being "Lux.Champion"...!
"Always Mine of Slatestone" (Stacey) got also 1rst Exc. with Cac...
Congratulations also to Bertie &Wiel Smeijsters with their lovely "Ch.Xotic Lover of S."-daughter "Tendre Poison of Lowlands Green Valley" for winning the open-class bitches with Cac...
another young son of "Ch.Xotic Lover of S." won the Youth-class dogs (Mission Impossible v.Haus Rosenpracht) and a son of my "Endless Design Mambo Man" won the intermediate-class (King Shirkan v.Haus Rosenpracht)... a good start for the coming season...
International Dog-show in Maastricht (NL) september 04
"Zent from Heaven of Slatestone" (Amie) made me proud of winning the open class bitches with exc.1rst Cacib /Cac and finally BoB...
bullet International Dog-show in Genk (Bjune 2004
"Always Mine of Slatestone" got 2nd exc. in youth-class on her first outing...
And again , it was a good day for "Slatestone" - offspring:
"Too Much of Lowlands Green Valley" got 1rst exc. in open-class dogs with Cacib/Cac and BoB
his sister "Trésor of Lowlands Green Valley" got also 1rst Exc. in open-class bitches with Cacib/Cac...
both are children to "Ch. Xotic Lower of Slatestone"
v.d. Aalst's young tri dog "Glen Morristone's Macho Man" (son of our Endless Design Mambo Man) got 1rst exc. in youth-class...
Congratulations to L. & D. Thevenin on getting the French Champion-title with their young "Nash"- son "Too Much of Lowlands Green valley" ..!!
bullet "Europa - Sieger" Show in Dortmund (D) mai 2004
The "Slatestone's" and their progeny had a great Day at the Int.-Show in Dortmund:
Zent from Heaven of Slatestone (Amie) got the title "Europasiegerin" with Cacib & Cac (first time out in open class)
Sacrafice Cold as Ice (son of Ch.Xotic Lover of S.- owned by Brigitte Felix) got the title "Europa-Jgdsieger" with Ex1 YCac and for the crowning BOB...
Int.Ch. Ashley v.Traumland (son of Ch.Quincey Jones of S. - owned by Jens Wilbrecht) got the title "Europasieger" with Cacib & Cac
Fresena's Lionheart (son of Old G.G.Arresting Mind - owned by U.&G.Hild) won the open class with Ex1. Cac & res Cacib...
bullet Int.Dog-Show Luxembourg 04:
Zolar Power of Slatestone (Jason) had a great day , he won Cacib/Cac and BoB.
Wild Sensation in Blue of Slatestone (Isis) was 2nd in open-class bitches with resCac
bullet Club-Show Luxembourg 2004
Emryk’s Designed to Love (Ritchie)got 1rst Exc.with Cac and BoB.
Endless Design Blue Obsession
(Ginger) was 2nd Exc. in youth class at just 9 months old.
bullet Erkrath (D) January 2004:
Zolar Power of Slatestone (Jason) was 1rst Exc. in open class dogs with Cac and Best Dog.
Endless Design Blue Obsession (Ginger) made her debut in the puppy class with Best puppy in show.
Wild Sensation in blue of Slatestone
(mother of Ginger) got 2nd open class bitches with res Cac
bullet Liège (B) July 2003:
Zent Back to Glen Morristone of Slatestone won the youth class with Exc.1 and again BoB.
His sister Zent from Heaven of Slatestone won also the youth class bitches with Exc.1
bullet World Champion Show in Dortmund  June 2003:
"Zent from Heaven of Slatestone" managed to be 2nd in youth class bitches ( 31 entrees) and her litter brother "Zent back to Glen Morristone of Slatestone" came with a big bang - he won the youth class dogs, got the title "World Junior Winner" and finally won BoB !!! from about 170 entered Collies - this was his second show after the same achievement on the club-show in the Netherlands! Congratulations to his owners Anett & Alex v.d.Aalst...
bullet Club-Show Köllerbach(D)2003
Our young bitch "Zent from Heaven of Slatestone"(Amie) won the youth-class (excellent 1rst) and her litter brother "Zugar Daddy of Slatestone" won also his class with excellent 1rst and went on to be Best Dog in Breed...
bullet The Netherlands Club-Show KCM 2003
"Xotic Lover of Slatestone" was 1rst excellent in breeders class. "Zugar Daddy of Slatestone" was 2nd excellent in Youth-class dogs (9 1/2 months) his litter-sister "Zent from Heaven of Slatestone" was 3rd in Youth-class bitches(32 entrees). But the Best of All was their litter-brother "Zent back to Glen Morristone of Slatestone" - he won the Youth-class dogs with 1rst excellent and went on to his 1rst CC and "BEST IN SHOW" - at 9 1/2 months old!! Congratulations to Anett & Alex v.d.Aalst for this achievement! Also congratulations to Laurence & Denis Thevenin , their puppy-dog "Too Much of Lowlands Green Valley" was BEST PUPPY in SHOW (He is a son of our Xotic Lover)
bullet Int.Dog-Show Luxembourg 03:
"Xotic Lover of Slatestone" won the open class dogs with CAC and res Cacib, so he fulfilled the conditions for his Lux.Champion - title!!
"World Wide Queen in Black of Slatestone" was 2nd in open class bitches with res CAC.
bullet Club-Show Luxembourg 2003:
"Xotic Lover of Slatestone" won exc.1rst -open class dogs -Cac
"World Wide Queen in Black of Slatestone" won exc.1rst -open class bitches -Cac
"Zent from Heaven of Slatestone" & "Zolar Power of Slatestone" (litter sister & brother) won both the puppy-classes...
bullet On january the 26th "Xotic Lover of Slatestone" won Cac - BoB and Best in Show in Erkrath (Germ.) at the same show our little "Amy" (Zent from Heaven of Slatestone) won best puppy in show and her brother "Tim" (Zugar Daddy of Slatestone) was - best puppy-dog
bullet World Wide Queen in Black of Slatestone won CAC and Best Bitch at Putlingen, Germany
bullet You Make Me Crazy of Slatestone won CAC, BOB and BIS at Putlingen, Germany
bullet Our lovely "Nena" (Unlimited Dreams of Slatestone) fulfilled the conditions for the International-Champion title
bullet Congratulations to "Xplorer of Slatestone" and his owner for making him "Poland -Champion"
bullet Congratulations to "Venetian Charm of Slatestone" for the title "Best Reproducing Bitch" in France (owner:Evelyne Glassmann)
bullet Xotic Lover of Slatestone - CAC Germany
bullet Old Golden Gates Arresting Mind is "Best Stud dog in the Netherlands" (point sytem by the Collie-Club of the Netherlands)
bullet Xotic Lover of Slatestone - rCAC