Ch.Brilyn Misty Shadow at Carostar(Misty)


Misty” was a wonderful companionhe had a great character and he was respected as ”The Boss” by all the other dogs until he passed away on 1rst march 2007 at the age of 14 ½ years…

“Misty” was also a great sire and left about 12 Champions to the collie-world…but pride must also go to all his other children who didn’t got their Ch.-title, but who were wonderful representatives of the breed…

I still miss him…


Below you will find a list of his CHAMPION-children...:

                             Ch. Sachenda Strawbree Wine (GB-Ch.)

                             Ch. Tiganlea Très Chic (GB-Ch.)

                             Ch. Johnny Bee Good at Brilyn (GB +Int.-Ch.)

                             Ch. Unlimited Dreams of Slatestone (Int.-Ch.)

                             Ch. Video Star of Slatestone (Int.-Ch.)

                             Ch. Zolar Power of Slatestone

                             Ch. Rosegarden's Brawling Bryan (Int.-Ch.)

                             Ch. Timeless Twilight Just for Fun

                             Ch. Reeberrich Rhum Punch

                             Ch. Reeberrich Red Wine

                             Ch. Reeberrich Razzle Dazzle

                             Ch. Old Golden Gates Know one's Mind